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I love polaroids!


I really liked this game! I struggled with the easel part, but besides that, it was great! I especially loved the concept of matching the picture with the room!

good game loved it. loved the ambiance of the game very aesthetic.
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I found your game in my recommendations list on and it's really peeked my interest. As a YouTuber, I'd love to do a video on your game, but only if I have your permission to do so.

Have a nice day!

Kimmy ^ . ^

Sorry for the late reply, we haven't been keeping up with most of our old work. I'd be honored if you'd like to make a video of our game. If you do, I'd love it if you could link it here or in a private message. We'd love to hear your thoughts, good or bad. Cheers!


Super cute! Wish there was more! Here's my gameplay!

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Whenever I try to play the game I automatically start walking and can't stop. Please help!


This game is really neat with how we can match the pictures with the background to reveal something new and discovering a way to leave. I had some trouble getting the chest to stay on the desk for the picture, but once I got used to it, then it was easy! 10 / 10! 

Just finished 'The Polaroid?' - Absolutely love the concept and the act of setting up each scene before taking a new picture is genius. Would be great to see this concept evolved even further, perhaps having the ability to rotate the polaroid by having the player raise the polaroid out in front of them and tilting it left and right.

that's a rly beautiful game and the atmosphere is nice to

I had a great time! thank you.

Really nice graphics I really enjoyed this game 


love this game! really relaxing and satisfying to complete. wish there were more rooms/longer game!


The game looks good, but when I take the picture, it does not matter when I press 1 or 2 ! I'm on Mac, how to fix the problem ?

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Doesn't work on Linux. Starting the game leads to an immediate Segmentation Fault. Please fix.

This game was a delight to play. The two different time levels - the present and the past - interacted with each other via the photographs, and that way I was 'forced' to think about how it came to the changes in this room. A search for the origins of the own self, so to speak. And by that (and also because of the great audiovisual representation), this game evolved an own kind of atmosphere, which was set somewhere between nostalgia and hope for the future. I absolutely loved this! Thanks for this game, which I happily recommended in one of our compilation articles about the Ludum Dare 36 as well as in the related showcase video. Keep up the great work, I'm hoping to see more stuff of you in the future! :)

Best wishes,


Soooo glad i found this. Lovely game. Lovely idea. Lovely Graphics and Lovely music. A superb chill out game. Very well done... :)

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First thing the game instructs you to do: Match the photograph to the room!

First thing that happens: Photograph shows box on bed that is nowhere in room, so impossible to match to photograph. What you really do, is take the photo anyways, and the missing item magically appears in the room!

Other than that little miscommunication making thins unecessarily confusing at first, I thought this was a cute little game. Normally, I'd do a Lumps Play for it, but maybe not this time. Cheers man!

Other bugs: Items didn't maintain their rotation orientation after you drop them/pick them back up. This is annoying when you're trying to pinpoint the position of an item in a photo, and you have to continuously turn it alllll the way around when you just wanna turn it a smidgen.

"Dropping" items only drops them directly in front of you. I had picked up the book on the bed and had a lot of trouble getting it to line back up in the photo properly, because I kept dropping it on the edge of the bed because that's all the farther it would allow me to place it.

Hello! This was absolutely amazing! I loved the concept! Thank you so much for making this game.

A great concept for a game! Wonderful job!

Very cool game! You guys should consider making this a full game! Very interesting concept. Here is my messed up play through.

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pretty fun but short game it would be awesome if it got expanded to multiple rooms with a cool backstory :D but here's my take on it!

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Hi ! I play the Mac version with AZERTY. When i want to use my polaroid camera, i press the button 2 but this is not working. Do you have the solution ? Thanks.

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Its a great game! But I think I found a wall glitch. I don't know if it's a glitch or its meant to have that. You can see in on my video at 2:25 minutes where I 'accidentally' push in the drawing. Overall, it's a great game! Really enjoyed it!

A very short, but interesting game!


Awesome concept! :D Really enjoyed it!
Please make more rooms! <3

Stay Rad Everybody!!

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Haha, your video was very entertaining. I love your video personality, and I'm really glad you enjoyed the game. We're sorry it was so short, but we only had 72 hours to make the game for Ludum Dare 36, so this is more of a concept than a full game. Stay tuned though, we may decide to pick up and complete this project in the future if enough people within our team and outside of it show interest.

This game is cool ! i hope there will be more rooms in the future

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Hey there! I'm having some issues and I'm not sure if it's the installation file or my pc (win 7 64bit) since everything else I've downloaded today played okay. 1) There's no sound at all 2) The "Where am I?" text showing in your screenshot here and the number that displays on each polaroid, neither show up in my game. 3) After successfully taking the first photo, when it says to left click to put the photo down so I can pick up another, nothing happens when I click. Any suggestions?

hey tenchfroast, sorry to hear there's some issues. Let's see if we can fix that. What version are you downloading from this web page?

Hey! Thanks for the response. I downloaded the Windows version nearly right after you posted the game and the file name was "thepolaroid_win", but I just noticed that the file up there now is called "thepolaroid_windows". I'm guessing you updated the files after I did the original download? I'll try the new one and see how it goes!

Oh yep. The first version uploaded were missing some small UI stuff we wanted to add. The current version should have been added approximately 4 hours after the first upload, so if you downloaded it before that you may have been missing those key elements.


Good game, worth a play. takes a little getting used to. but i enjoyed it.


Great game! Did a short walkthrough for anyone that's stuck:

The current version for Windows is missing the chair as it seems. Tried redownloading, still no chair to be found

Hi Reklar, the chair is revealed as you progress the game.

Objects you need for the photo appear in white if they're not in the correct spot when you fail a picture. Objects you don't need won't have a white outline when you fail the picture. Sometimes, objects you think you need for the photo appear later.

Hope this helps!

oh thanks! I thought I got all right at the 2nd photo taken and was confused a lot, since the message (after shooting the guitar picture) was "It's okay" or somethn and I thought I got it. Feel stupid now :|

Well thanks for the answer, I really enjoyed the idea tho and it looks pretty neat!

how do I exit the game?


Unfortunately we didn't have time to implement a dedicated exit button, so you will have to use alt+f4 to exit the game.

this game seems really nice, but on the very first challenge, I can't hold a picture while taking another picture as required in the mission, I guess I misunderstood something. Would like for a tip, cuz it seems like a cool game, and I don't wanna say it's bad just cuz I can't understand the very few controls for somehow

Hi, you can select a photo on the wall by walking up to it and left clicking. Next, you can press 1 too hold up the photo, and 2 to hold up the camera. Last, you can left click while holding up the camera to take a picture.

You should be able to hold up a photo at the same time as the camera, assuming you have a photo selected from the wall. If you're unable to, then that's definitely a bug.

Well, I understood what I did wrong, I thought I should somehow imitate the photo which is used for an example, while I needed to look for the scene in the picture in my hand. I've beaten the game. It was quite short. I guess you did it to try if this concept is good and see comments, and well, it's an interesting idea, though I was looking for some more actions rather than just taking photos, perhaps adding characters with whom you need to interact and talk so they would do whatever you wish for your photo. It's just a single idea that popped into my head. Also, make some story about it, for as long as it seems to me, I was just figuring out how to build that room. Perhaps it's your own room, and you need to somehow start memorizing it, like 'Memento' (Which I guess inspired you) and you start to remember your family, friends, career, life choices (poor ones or good, depends on the story you try to make) and so on, and maybe you'll be able to control and see the game from the point of view of different characters. It has good potential indeed, needs a little build up, but you sure got it going pretty well!