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In a world created by sound, play as a boy with synesthesia as he fights the ever growing darkness with music and his fists, painting the world in color with every damaging blow. Choose between 3 tracks and destroy the monsters before the song ends, or else they will overwhelm you. Turn up the beats and enjoy the visual experience.

White Rose is a beat-'em-up video game made by brothers Chris and Kenneth Ng (Dissonance Entertainment) for the Ludum Dare 34 game jam. Check out our LDJam submission page. All assets are original except for the music.


  • Keyboard: Arrow keys to move/select, Z to attack/confirm, Enter to restart, Esc to quit (if not playing on the Web browser)
  • Controller: Left joystick to move/select, A to attack/confirm, Start to restart, Back to quit (if not playing on the Web browser)


  • MitiS - Endeavors
  • MitiS - Touch
  • Kygo - Stay (ft. May Noyes)
  • Madeon - Stay Awake (ft. Ellie Goulding)

Install instructions

  • Windows: Download the .rar file and unzip into a specified location. Double-click on the .exe file and play.
  • Mac: Download the zip file and unzip into a specified location. Double-click on the .app file and play. If the Mac doesn't allow you to play because it says the game is from an "unidentified developer," you can go to your Mac's "System Preferences", click on "Security & Privacy", and select Anywhere for "Allow apps downloaded from:".


WhiteRoseWindows.zip 19 MB
WhiteRoseMac.zip 30 MB
WhiteRoseLinux.zip 22 MB


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Hey. You should use ZIP to compress the linux build too. See http://itch.io/t/11918/rar-support-is-not-happening-repack-your-games.


Got the same info from the official client's devs https://github.com/itchio/itch/issues/183#issuecomment-165986223

So sorry about that. The linux version should be uploaded now as a .zip file.

It's best if the Windows version is uploaded as a .zip or .7z file as well. Otherwise the game can't be installed through the app on Windows since the app will never support .rar as metioned in @erbridge's link.

The game looks awesome btw :D

Nice one! :)